first Class

How do I Book a Class?

Simply click on Book A Class above, find the class, day, and time that work for you, and click Sign Up! You’ll be prompted to create an account with us, after which your booking will be complete.

What do I need to wear/bring?

For your first class, you simply need athletic clothing and athletic sneakers/shows; we’ll provide the rest. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and towel, because you are going to sweat…A LOT!

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first class. This allows us to show you how to wrap your hands, introduce you to your coach, and show you the 6 basic punches so you can enter class confident that you are prepared for what’s ahead. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed for your first time!

What should I expect in class?

Our Fitness classes combine heavy-bag work, boxing technique, and body weight exercises into a challenging, fun, full-body, full-hour workout. We’ll challenge both your body and your mind to RISE to their best!

Do I need to know how to box?

Absolutely not! Our Fitness Classes are geared toward all levels of experience. 90% of the people who walk through our doors have never boxed before, so whether your looking to switch up your workout, take on a new fitness challenge, or train like a real fighter, we encourage you to come try us out.

Do you clean your rental gloves and wraps?

Yes! We may be a boxing gym, but we don’t want to smell like one! We dry and clean all our rental gear. However, we do recommend owning your own pair of gloves; the glove-boxer bond is truly unique!

Class Policies

What is your Cancellation Policy?

RISE allows you to cancel up to 3 hours before your class start time. After that, we charge a $6 late cancel fee (Punch Pass holders will lose a class). This policy not only holds you accountable, but ensures that spots are available for other Members.

We understand that life happens. Just give our Front Desk a call if mitigating circumstances keep you from showing up for class (435-800-2104).

What if I show up Late?

We are happy to hold your spot up to 5 minutes after class begins; after 5 minutes, your spot will be given to anyone on the waitlist. Late arrivals exceeding 5 minutes will not be allowed into class; it is disruptive to the other Members, and quite simply, it’s not the RISE way.

What if I’m on the Waitlist?

If a spot opens up in class, you will receive a notification email stating that you have been booked into the class and asking you to confirm your attendance. The waitlist locks 2 hours before class, so if you are still hoping to get in, simply call the Front Desk and we can let you know if we think we can get you in!

Can I kick the bags?

Nope. Sorry. While we have mad respect for kick-boxing, RISE is strictly a boxing gym. But rest assured, our classes will work your body from head to toe, even without the kicking!


Do I need to reserve my class ahead of time?

We absolutely recommend signing up for class ahead of time, either on our website or by searching for RISE Boxing on the MINDBODY app. Walk-ins are always welcome, but classes do fill up quickly and we don’t want you showing up and being disappointed!

Are you a contract gym?

No! We don’t believe in contracts at RISE. Your Membership should fit your lifestyle, and if at any time there isn’t room for RISE in your life, then that should be your decision. We simply ask for 30 Day Advance notice when canceling any Monthly Membership.

Do you have a Freeze Policy?

Yes! We allow up to 3 freezes on your Monthly Membership per year, each up to a month long. Simply let us know the dates in writing and we’ll freeze your Membership.

Do I need my own wraps?

We do ask that Members own their own wraps. Wraps are not only personal items, but this allows you to practice wrapping your hands at home. Take a look at the video below if you need any help wrapping.

Do you hold private events?

Yes! We’re happy to do anything from one-on-one sessions to Group Events and Private Classes for Special Occasions. Email us at info@riseboxing.com for more information.


The most intimidating thing about boxing may just be wrapping your hands.  It’s a combination of zen and muscle memory, so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it on your first try, or even on your fifth try. You’ll get there, just like we all did. Like anything, hand wrapping takes practice, practice, practice. So check out our instructional video below and try it yourself at home!