We offer a variety of classes to suit your interests.
All classes are open to all levels, no experience necessary!

Park City Locals enjoy first class FREE!



This high-intensity class will work your entire body and burn calories like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We focus on the 6 primary punches to create endless combinations, along with body weight exercises and full-body conditioning to develop power, balance, and speed in a whole body, calorie torching workout. No Experience Necessary. (Body+Box takes place every Monday-Wednesday-Fri-Sunday)

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Our newest class combines the sweet science of boxing with weight-based exercises and strength building. Whereas out Body+Box class relies on body-weight exercises, Box+Build incorporates weights to build the muscular strength, endurance, and explosiveness for both boxing and full-body fitness. No Experience Necessary. (Box+Build takes place every Tues-Thursday). *non-contact.



Ready to unleash your mind as well as your fists? In this 75-minute class, we combine the fist-pumping intensity of boxing with the mindfulness of yoga. Class begins with a warmup, followed by a round of shadowboxing, then you'll strap on your gloves and take your fight to the heavy bag. Once you've exhausted the fight, you'll drop your gloves, unroll your mat, and find yourself within the flow. No Experience Necessary.



This is the real deal. We cover all aspects of boxing from offense to defense, footwork and mindset. Sparring is a part of class but never required. If you want to be a fighter, you’ve got to train like a fighter! (Pre-requirement: must have taken at least one Body+Box class)

* Anyone sparring will be required to be a member of USA Boxing (annual membership is $75) This provides additional insurance and allows you to compete if interested. Click Here to start your USA Boxing Membership.



Learn the fundamentals of footwork, combinations, and boxing, while building a foundation of athletic development, discipline and confidence that lasts for a lifetime. Optional contact (sparring) with parent permission. *for Elementary age