We offer a variety of classes to suit your interests.
All classes are open to all levels, no experience necessary!

Park City Locals enjoy first class FREE!



This high-intensity class will work your entire body and burn calories like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We focus on the 6 primary punches to create endless combinations, along with body weight exercises and full-body conditioning to develop power, balance, and speed in a whole body, calorie torching workout.



This is the real deal. We cover all aspects of boxing from offense to defense, footwork and mindset. Sparring is a part of class but never required. If you want to be a fighter, you’ve got to train like a fighter!

* Anyone sparring will be required to be a member of USA Boxing (annual membership is $75) This provides additional insurance and allows you to compete if interested. Click Here to start your USA Boxing Membership.



Learn the fundamentals of footwork, combinations, and boxing, while building a foundation of athletic development, discipline and confidence that lasts for a lifetime. Optional contact (sparring) with parent permission. *for Elementary age