A fitness boxing studio with youth and technical boxing programs. 


We are a team of individuals always striving to RISE to the next challenge. We created RISE to inspire our community to RISE with us.



RISE is centered around an intense, empowering, skill-based boxing workout that challenges you to rethink what is possible, both physically and mentally. Mind. Body. Box.



Because we LOVE boxing, and we think you will too. 





Hometown: Santaquin, Utah

Why Boxing?: Boxing pushes me harder than anything else I’ve done. It engages me mentally and physically, and it has taught me a lot about my limits - or rather, how limitless I am.

How do you RISE?: I RISE by pushing to be my best self and encouraging others to do the same. Nothing fuels me more than the process of working towards big goals and watching the “impossible” become possible.

How do you help other RISE?: I love sharing my passion with others. I hope to help others fuel a life full of belief - belief in themselves that they are capable of anything and that hard work is the road to any success.

Pursuits outside of boxing?: Wait, there is life outside of boxing??

#1 Song to box to: Personally, I train in silence most of the time. I like to focus and find my flow.



Hometown: Park City, Utah

Why Boxing?: It’s the only workout that challenges my mind as much as my body! There’s nothing I learn inside the ring, that doesn’t translate to my life outside the ring. Boxing gets me ready for when life throws a jab to the face!

How do you RISE?: I show up and do work, everyday!

How do you help others RISE?: Every interaction with a person is an opportunity to build them up! I try to leave people better than I found them!

Pursuits outside of boxing?: Skiing, skiing, and more skiing. Also, I work as a Brand Manager at my ‘adult’ job.

#1 Song to box to: ‘KOD’ by J. Cole



Hometown: Greenville, Texas

Why Boxing?: : I started wrestling at a young age and later fell in love with combat sports. When I tried boxing for the first time, it was different from others I was trained in. It came very natural and I fell in love.

How do you RISE?: I RISE by taking advantage of each day and working towards my goals of bettering my technique, my health, and my overall athletic performance. I also RISE by helping others RISE. It motivates me to help others become their best selves and to teach a sport that I am so passionate about.

Pursuits outside of boxing?: My main pursuit outside of boxing is working towards a successful pro MMA career.

#1 Song to box to?: ‘Gonna Fly Now’ by Bill Conti. AKA the Rocky theme song



Hometown: Pocatello, Idaho

Why Boxing?: I started boxing as another way to exercise, and thought it would be cool to learn some self-defense as a woman. When I spent some time learning the basics, that's when I fell in love with sport.

How do you RISE?: I was raised to set goals and make a plan to achieve those goals and I do this is in every aspect of my life, whether it be personally or professionally.

How do you help other RISE?: By helping people understand that they are stronger than they realize, both physically and mentally.

Pursuits outside of boxing?: running, skiing, and spending time with my husband and two dogs outside as much as possible.

#1 Song to box to?: ‘Can’t Hold Us’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but anything rap makes me happy!



Hometown: Henefer, Utah

Why Boxing?: Boxing is a sport that not many women are interested in, so it’s exciting to bridge that divide. Plus, boxing is simply challenging!

How do you RISE?: By improving each and every day on my goals of becoming a better coach, as well as learning each and everyday from not only the coaches, but also our members!

How do you help others RISE?: By keeping people motivated and focused on their goal, and teaching them that they can always push farther and harder than they give themselves credit.

Pursuits outside of boxing?: Nutrition school, toddler chasing, outdoor fun whenever possible!

#1 Song to box to?: ‘Level Up’ remix by Ciara, but I love anything that’s pumping!